Wildlife Removal Athens

Bat removal in Athens, GA

Athens has very healthy populations of bats.  Being insectivores, bats are one of the best natural pest controls in Georgia.  AWL humanely excludes bats from your building so they can not get back in.  The colony of bats will be free to go somewhere else and continue controlling insect populations in the area.  Bats reproduce in the late spring and offspring are flightless for most of the summer.  It is critical to locate and visually inspect the colony to see that no flightless juveniles are present before exclusion.   Click or call us for a free quote!

Removing Squirrels in Athens, GA

AWL offers a complete trapping process to remove and relocate squirrels.  Many companies only exclude squirrels leaving them in your yard to chew their way back into the house causing further damage.  Once we have successfully removed all squirrels then we will seal up the entry points to keep them out for good!

Getting rid of Raccoons in Athens, GA

Mother raccoons get into attics to have a safe place to raise their young.  They can be extremely territorial and protective.  Caution should be taken if entering an attic suspected to be inhabited by a family of raccoons.  AWL offers a complete trapping process to remove the problem animals as well as repair services to seal up the entry points.