About AWL Wildlife

AWL has been serving Central to North Georgia since 2001.

We are backed by years of experience working with wildlife. This company was built to help relieve human- wildlife conflicts in all habitats and settings. All of our wildlife control specialists have a degree in wildlife biology or wildlife management ranging from associates to masters. These are highly trained professionals. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources as Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators and by the Georgia Department of Agriculture as Public Health Pest Control Contractors. Our employees go to great lengths to ensure safety on every job, but it should be comforting to know that we carry two-million dollars in liability insurance and are covered by workers compensation. We are fully experienced and equipped to handle any job. Every AWL employee is licensed and trained in all aspects of wildlife basic biology, habits & habitats, life history and control. Quality work and customer satisfaction are standards- not goals. We care about the people and the animals we work with.

Brett Eanes, the president of AWL, is an active member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association which sets forth strict ethical guidelines for our industry. The president’s main goal everyday is to see that any representative of this company that you encounter adheres to these guidelines:

The NWCOA Code of Ethics Reads:

  • I affirm my strict adherence to all laws and regulations pertaining to wildlife damage management.
  • I ascribe to a professional code of conduct that embodies the traits of honesty, sincerity and dedication.
  • I will show exceptionally high levels of concern and respect for people, property and wildlife.
  • I will promote the understanding and appreciation of the many values of wildlife and scientific wildlife management, as well as an appreciation for the economic and health concerns of people adversely affected by wildlife.
  • I will be sensitive to the various viewpoints of wildlife damage management.
  • I will provide expertise on managing wildlife damage to my clientele upon request, within the limits of my experience, ability and legal authority.
  • I will promote competence and present an image worthy of the profession by supporting high standards of education, employment and performance.
  • I will strive to broaden my knowledge, skills and abilities to advance the practice of commercial wildlife damage management.
  • I will, in good faith, select new or time proven methods for resolving wildlife damage conflicts and give due consideration to humaneness, selectivity, effectiveness and practicality.
  • I will treat my competition and clientele in a courteous manner and in accordance with honorable business practices.
  • I will encourage, through word and through deed, all Commercial Wildlife Control Operators to adhere to this code and to participate in state associations of Commercial Wildlife Control Operators.