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Quality, Education & Experience make the difference in delivering you the best service possible.

Are you hearing noises in the attic, bumps in the night or scratching in the walls? Don't ignore a potential problem until the damage is done. Animals in your home or office can cause major structural damage that could end up in costly, extensive repairs.

Call the professionals. A member of our highly trained staff can come out and assess your situation then give you a plan to solve the problem quickly! We offer repair services to keep animals from getting back in through the same entries and give you peace of mind.

No flashy slogans. No cute and fuzzy cartoons. Just fast, friendly, professional service.
Macon Area: (478) 746-4133
Atlanta Area: (678) 762-1051
Athens Area: (706) 552-1585
Email: info@awlwildlife.com

For your convenience we accept cash, check or major credit card.